Universal Business Process Automation or UBPA is a complete end-to-end, multi-channel and fully integrated smart business process platform solutions. It is the strategy of an organization to automate their business processes, integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization. The UBPA platform can send and receive data from your existing applications, business processes, and back-end systems, speeding transaction resolution. Our UBPA solutions and associated services enables an organization to automate and integrate virtually any processes, regardless of what method you choose to start your business process. It can be a Fax, email, Forms, SMS, Voice, Portal, XML or Web-Services.

We also integrate in to other systems that you have in your organization, so that you can achieve a much lower TCO and very quick ROI of your organization’s investment on these systems. This means that a BPA can be tailored specifically to the exact environment of your organization without additional investment on your IT Systems. Your organization benefits by attaining process efficiency at reduced costs, accurately, and simultaneously increasing customer service with faster response rates.