Ready to face Challenges

Advanced Systems & Technologies Company “[atm]”, is an engineering consultancy company established 1997, helps organizations building enterprise and cloud based innovative solutions. [atm] brings two decades of expertise supporting large corporate customers, around MENA & Turkey. We, have hence, served with the best interests of the middle-east. With such responsibility bestowed upon us, we clearly feel the need and take pride in being the first in many of the achievements in terms of innovation and technology.

Divergent in service, Convergent in source

The giant was small once. But, it is not the size but the process of growth that has taught us to endure and stand firm. We were never shaded by the quest for success and always remained on the track of originality. Our efforts were pure and nascent. We have clocked the perfectly timed results.

Our position today is merely a milestone. We have much more to achieve and gain.

Success alone is not the target but sustainability is. To sustain in long term with more contribution to the country’s GDP and standards at various levels is the long term goal.