Our Competencies

In today’s digital economy and data-driven world, businesses are seeking greater access to data flexibility to drive innovations. Moreover, leaders are differentiated by their capability to use data to create value. We use the right techniques and tools to gather any type of data and cut the time-to-insights for decisions makers, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Data Modeling Data Modeling

Organizations use a wide variety of applications, databases and NoSQL stores, making data that emerge from them incompatible and complex for data analysis. Our data modelers work with businesses to build a comprehensive data model that encapsulates the concepts of an organization and enables them to handle data as a resource, integrate information systems, and design data repositories.

Data Lake Design Data Lake Design

Traditional storage and analytic solution add to the complexity of ingesting and storing data. With data lake architecture, data scientists and analysts can do any type of processing – real-time or batched and make sense out of data at a good clip. So, whether you are looking for a data warehouse implementation or are looking to extend your existing warehouse, our data lake architecture can help you store all types of data – sensor, clickstream, web extracts, social media, relational, structured internal, documents -- in its native format and perform faster data analysis.

Data Governance Data Governance

Our data governance framework enables organizations to manage the overall usability, availability, security, and integrity of data assets within an enterprise. This enables companies to quantify the business value of data governance in the form of improved customer service, greater revenues, reimagined business processes and improved compliance with regulatory requirements.

End-to-End Data Management End-to-End Data Management

Our holistic data management service enables businesses to manage the full data lifecycle from transformation and processing to storage. This enables businesses to unravel insights for today and find solutions for tomorrow.

Custom Application Development Data Lake Design

Plug and play solutions save time and cost but not for niche players. We help businesses in developing custom big data applications and solutions with the right technology and on the right platform to fit your line of business.