Atm Sheild

Is your workplace ready for the 'new normal'? As you begin to bring back your employees to work, what are the systems and processes in place to ensure social distancing, air quality management and thermal screening?
Integrated with thermal & optical video cameras, the atm-global Shield enables features such as automated temperature detection, monitoring of building air quality, and smart maintenance of social distancing norms.

Temperature Detection

Unmanned dual-sensor thermographic and Day/Night camera for detection of people with high body temperature at all entry points

  •   Real-time detection
  •  Monitoring of multiple people
  •  Unmanned operation
  •  High accuracy of 0.3° Celsius (0.5° Fahrenheit)

Face Detection and Tracking

Real-time tracking of symptomatic individuals across non-overlapping cameras till they are isolated and checked by the nearest available medical officer.

  •  Real-time detection
  •  Simultaneous tracking of up to 200 people
  •  Detection of people through their eyes
  •  Can recognize people even at ranges of 20 - 25-meters
  •  Easy to integrate with existing CCTV infrastructure

Air Quality Management

Real-time monitoring and reporting of particles such as CO2, PM 2.5, PM10, TVOC for both indoor and outdoor environments.

  •  Real-time Analysis against recognized standards such as LEED, BREEAM, USFDA, FSSAI, FoSTaC
  •  Plug & play solution that can easily integrate with existing infrastructure

Occupancy Management

High-accuracy, real-time people counter solution to gain complete visibility into a zone's historical and real-time occupancy levels.

  •  High accuracy, typically upwards of 98%
  •  Consolidated, multi-location, real-time Tracking
  •  H.264 compression standards to reduce network load

Why atm shield?

System of Systems

  • Device/OEM Agnostic
  • Protocol Agnostic
  • Unified view of the entire building

Integration & Scalability

  • Custom Integration of any system in the future
  • Easy extension of features including AI/ML based experiences

Flexible Business Models

  • Minimal upfront investments, especially in brownfield implementations
  • Cost for Core Features & Services Enabled
  • Pay As You Scale Model

Workplace Safety

  • Automated detection of symptomatic occupants at access points
  • Technology-enabled social distancing
  • Smart Indoor Air Quality Management